Sunday, 9 October 2016

" If I hear the voice, I know his entire past and future!" -UG

UG rubbished the much glorified, celebrated faculty of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) as no more than the natural endowment in living creatures not just among humans, even among dogs, pigs and cats.

UG often used to recount a phenomenon that he had observed over the years during autumn months in the Swiss Alps.

 'Man is one of the species on this planet to inherit these things in common with all the other species. Man, in his anxiety to maintain his non-existing and illusory identity, has been using thought to translate sensory perception. Now the yogis are promising these things back to us and making a business out of it. Let me give you an example of how effectively it operates in the animals. In Switzerland, where we live up in the Alps, hunting of deer is permitted from 16 September every year. Would you believe it, on 15 September every year, hordes and hordes of deer come down from all over into the safety of the animal sanctuary next door to us. How do you explain this phenomenon?'

People who have interacted with UG have witnessed the heightened sense of perception on numerous occasions. Here are some personal experiences. 

My first meeting with UG was on the 10th of July 1992, a day after his 74th birthday, in Poornakuti, Bangalore.

When I reached his place, I learnt that UG was upstairs and all alone. I knew I was walking into the lion's den and was prepared for any eventuality - being 'gobbled' up live or getting thrown out of the house! Come what may, I was determined to seek his audience!

As I reached upstairs, I found him busy in the anteroom attached to the main hall with his back turned towards me. Folding my palms together in a 'namasthe', I gently called his attention , " Good morning Sir!" He spun around greeting me back with folded hands. The lion, after all looked 'harmless'!

I remember Mahesh Bhatt querying me the first time I met him a year later, " Where and when did you meet this monster?" 

UG could 'finish' you! He held a clear threat to our false sense of 'self' or ego!

Major Dakshinamurti once mentioned to UG that Sri Ramana Maharshi used to say that he was like a tiger who swallowed his disciples wholly spitting out only the bones and asked UG what he would do to his people. Seems UG immediately responded," Yes!  I am also like the tiger, I swallow them whole, and here even the bones are not spared, everything is chewed up, even the bones will not be spit out!"    

After initial pleasantries, UG escorted me to the main hall, sat himself on a settee and offered me a seat opposite to him on the other side of the room. We then started talking. I was lucky to get his exclusive audience the very first time. After a while the crowds started pouring in. There were many elders in the audience. I soon vacated my chair for them and sat comfortably on the floor. UG beckoned to me half a dozen times to sit next to him on the settee but I looked the other way, I continued squatting on the floor, I felt more comfortable sitting at his feet, that was my mental makeup! At some point, however Chandrasekhar Babu started insisting that I should follow UG's commands and go and sit next to him which I finally did.  

As the day progressed, some JK freaks arrived on the scene, among them was a pretty young woman.  Very soon there ensued a heated discussion on JK. UG began his famous crusade against JK. Now the woman started arguing furiously with UG.

At some point UG suddenly sprang a surprise, " Look here! You don't know a thing! Your place is not here! You should go to the mental asylum, that's where you belong!"  

This was a shocker to all those present!

The man who accompanied the lady was shocked out of his wits, " UG tell us how do you know? She in fact was being treated in the asylum till recently and has now returned home only last week! Who are you? Are you some kind of a face reader?!"

To this UG turning to me (now I was sitting next to him) with a mischievous smile added, " There is no need for me to look at a face sir! Even the person's voice is enough! The moment I hear someone saying, " Good Morning Sir!" I know his entire past and future!!"  referring to our exchange of greetings early that morning!


For sometime I was associated with a saffron-clad Swamiji. He once bade me to carry a message for UG. 

On meeting UG, I said, " Sir, our Swamiji sends his regards to you! He has also sent a message ! One, he says that UG stands for Ultimate Goal ( to which UG immediately mumbled," Sir, I am a Useless Guy!") and he says that he would be soon meeting you on the astral plane!"

UG wasted no time, " Sir! Let me tell you, there is nothing to these astral travels! I used to do astral travels as a student while in Presidency College, Madras! I used to lie down on my bed in my room and 'astral-ly' travel and reach Connemara Library and refer books for my exams the next morning!"


ESP and other faculties, perhaps are more common among indigenous people. All the higher faculties find a free expression in the natural, simple and innocent lifestyle of these real people.

Just to instantiate, a few weeks after the tsunami struck the islands of Andaman & Nicobar in Dec 2004, self and Kamal met up with a friend Venky, a helicopter pilot who was in charge of 'Search & Rescue' ( S & R) operations in the Andamans.

Venky narrated to us the harrowing, disturbing scenes after the huge tidal waves, tens of meters high, stuck and ravaged the beautiful islands. Death and destruction greeted them everywhere.

While on this mission, one day Venky & his team ran into a 'miracle'!

As the rescue 'copter landed on top of a hillock, they suddenly stumbled into a group of natives or indigenous people, cuddled up in a make-shift settlement! To their surprise, despite tsunami that decimated the life on the island, the natives in the camp were all unharmed, alive and kicking!

Lo and behold, they found an American scholar among the natives in the camp! He had come to live with the natives to research their mores and medicines. He had even picked up their language. He narrated how they had managed a 'miraculous' escape thanks to the uncanny powers of their tribal chief.

On the fateful day, the chief had set out to the seaside for his morning stroll. He immediately noticed two strange things - one, the sea was unusually calm and had receded more than a kilometer into the horizon, far, far away from the shoreline, a very unusual occurrence he had never seen before during the low tide! Two - animals like the dogs and cows were seen scampering away from the coastline towards the hillside and some were seen climbing on to the nearest hill.

Without further delay, the chief summoned his people and ordered his band including his American guest to immediately repair to the nearest hillock. Something terrible was about to hit them, he could discern the early signs of an imminent disaster about to strike!

The native intelligence of the animals and a keen sense of observation helped them survive the day!


Sages or Real People ( as ancient Chinese described them) are grounded in natural state or 'sahaja sthithi' having escaped the clutches of the 'false self'. Their lives follow a natural rhythm and order, resonating with Life itself. Siddhis or psychic capabilities are natural to them, but never employed for self-aggrandisement or exploitation. All faculties operate naturally and remain in great balance and harmony. 

“ I am a White Brahmin, of purest ray serene! ” - UG

I just recall this one-off anecdote. UG and Mahesh Bhatt had just returned to Parekhji’s place after their lunch at the Oberoi...