Thursday, 3 October 2019

‘Don’t Seek, Don’t Reject!’ – UG


UG offered simple one-liners to deal with the many complexities of life. To a friend who was contemplating a career change despite a decent job, his advice was, “Don’t seek, don’t reject!”

UG’s recommendation for all those feverishly ‘engaged’ in search of truth, reality, enlightenment came in two simple words, - ‘Do Nothing!’

'Do Nothing’  like Wu Wei of Taoism, Chumma Iru of Sri Ramana has been the mantra of sages from time immemorial to lead a peaceful, burden free life. Our lives have been hijacked by thinking, as it were. ‘Do nothing’ is the ‘art of doing’ what needs to be done, and not doing what one wants to do or likes to do. ‘Do nothing’ is essentially to carry nothing (forward), thus setting aside the burden of ‘doership’ or ownership. Doership is such a huge psychological burden, an Albatross around one’s neck.

Any intent or motive for profit, gain, glory or outcome plays a crucial role in perpetuating the ‘doer’ or the ‘self’. Intent forms the glue that binds a million thoughts into the autobiographical ‘self’ or ‘agent’ or ‘thinker’. Doership legitimises the 'doer'.

Your right is to work only but never to the fruits there of  ” is the clarion call of the Bhagvad Gita. It exhorts us to simply do or execute the task at hand. This is doing what comes our way, what is inevitable and conscionable. This simple remedy discounts all the psychological buildup or the doership.


The excessive or neurotic thinking that goes into planning what we should do or what we should not do with its cultural, moral, ethical undertones or overtones, is a debilitating burden on biology.

The relentless, needless analysis of what has already happened adds to the existing clutter, commotion and chaos.

Thinking about the future or the past is the single most factor in not living our lives. All acts of thinking and worrying guzzle away huge reserves of life energy and destroy vitality.

UG’s constant refrain was - ‘Stop Thinking, Start Living!’

UG’s simple remedies set aside the huge psychological burden and the pain of excessive thinking. We are left with only what is essential, what comes our way and what needs to be done.

The problem with us is we have placed such a high premium on thinking. Yet thinking cannot and will not solve the real problems of living – the problem of love, hate, jealousy, anger, greed, human misery.

This is not to discount the power of thought or thinking. It does help solve complex technical problems - how to send a probe to the moon, how to build the fastest jet, how to earn a livelihood. But its usefulness ends right there.

Life has its own flow, its own rhythm.

Thinking is but a mere shadow that can never catch up with the mighty flow of life. It is very difficult to see or realise the runaway dangers of thinking.


“ I am a White Brahmin, of purest ray serene! ” - UG

I just recall this one-off anecdote. UG and Mahesh Bhatt had just returned to Parekhji’s place after their lunch at the Oberoi...